Our Palm Trees

European Fan Palm
(Chamaerops Humilis)
Dwarf Palmetto Palm
(Sabal Minor)
Windmill Palm
(Trachycarpus Fortunei)
Pindo Palm
(Butia Capitata)
We Carry Native Virginia Shrubs, Trees And Flowers As Well As Salt Tolerant Trees, Shrubs And Flowers
When in season, we have the following products in stock:
Salt Tolerant Trees (We can special order as well)
Paper Birch Fringetree Honey Locust Golden Raintree
Sweetgum Sweetbay Magnolia Southern Magnolia Black Gum
Japanese black pine Long Leaf Pine Pin Oak Willow Oak
Live oak Weeping Willow Corkscrew Willow Bald Cypress
Vitex Japanese Cedar American Holly
Salt Tolerant Shrubs
Beauty Berry Spreading Cotoneaster Scotch Broom Gardenia
Little Leaf Boxwood Rose of Sharon House Hydrangea St. John's Wort
Chinese Holly Inkberry Yaupon Holly Anise
Common Juniper Creeping Juniper Wax Myrtle Bayberry
Pyracantha Lilac English Yew Highbush Blueberry
Viburnum Cherry Laurel Indian Hawthorn
Japanese SpireaJapanese Yew European Cranberry Bush