Four Seasons Nursery May 2017 Newsletter

Enjoy lovely spring flowers like phlox, irises, roses, daylilies and relish the harvest from our spring gardens as April brought us showers to make the May flowers look glorious!

Clear Your Compost Bin. Make sure you've got an empty compost bin to hold finished pansies, cleared-out weeds, and any bags of leaves you decide to harvest from the curb.

Sow and Transplant. You can sow or transplant your spring veggies and annual spring/summer flowers…we have 3 packs in stock for $1.95 each or a complete tray for $21.95 (36 plants) Pansies are ready for your compost pile when the summer heat begins to arrive. We have plenty of mushroom compost to till into your yard or the mushroom blend to dump and plant direct.

Pruning Preparation. Prune flowering trees and shrubs after they bloom, and then spread a fresh inch of compost followed by mulching your beds.

Ravishing Roses. Like vegetables, roses are big feeders. Side-dress with an organic fertilizer this month, and keep topdressing with compost.

Hummingbirds Are Back! Red flowers attract hummingbirds to your garden; they especially like tubular shaped blooms.

Veggie Bugs. In the vegetable garden, monitor for squash vine borer, flea beetle on eggplant, cucumber beetle. In the landscape, watch for bagworms, azalea lace bugs, leaf miners, camellia-tea scale, euonymus scale and aphids.

Remember, we are here to give you our best advice and help with any questions you have about your yard or garden.

With planting your perennials in mind, sharing a few vole resistant plants for your garden;
Garlic/Society Garlic Hellebore Junipers
Lavander Oleander Euphorbia
Foxglove Lantana Daffodils
Rosemary Geraniums Artemisia
Eucalyptus Arum Nandina Domestica
Mexican Bush Sage
Happy spring planting!